So, I picked a goofy picture of myself to make a point.

You are awesome!  

You are unique!

You have value and the world deserves to meet the real you.

Too many times in business, we pretend to be someone we are not because for some reason, we think nobody will do business with us as we are.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

People want to do business with others they can relate to.  

When you are just yourself, you are opening the doors for others to relate to you.  Let them see you be real.  

This means let perfection go!

Laugh at yourself, love yourself, love life.

If you're trying to be someone else, you'll always be number two!  

You deserve to be number one!

Here's some thoughts I really like:

"Don't let the world around you squeeze you into it's own old, but let God remake you so that your whole atttiude of mind changed"  (Romans 12:2)

"The more you are like yourself, the less you are like anyone else"  ~ Walt Disney

"Do not follow where thhe path may lead, go instead where there's no path and leave a trail" ~ unknown

"Almost every man wastes part of his life in attempts to display qualitied he does not possess"  ~ Samuel Johnson


You're an amazing miracle!  You're exactly what God made you to be.  Stand tall, stand proud and go run your business and your life being your best YOU!

Debbie Turner - hanging out at a turtle preservation in Mexico... 

PS:  Hey, have you seen the cool film on how Empower Network is helping people break through these kinds of hangups so they can have the life they love?  If not, you gotta watch it here.



Here's How Internet Marketing Works

Internet Marketing is a well oiled machine that when you tap into it, will give you everything you want in terms of time and income freedom.

Why?  Simple...

Time Freedom because it's automated.  You set it up once and pretty much monitor it without a bunch of time and effort.

Income Freedom because nobody caps what you make.  

You decide both of these.  This is when you take total control of your life and become the captain of your own destiny.


Here's What Internet Marketing Looks Like

1)  Your mindset that you can do this and come to the table of business, because that's what it is, a business for you.  You will get what you believe you will.  

2)  Have a product you want to offer people.  That's the money.  You will exchange a product for money.

3)  Choose a product that the masses of people are looking for.  This will give you a generous amount of opportunities for sales.

So far so good, yes?

- Mindset - your decision to do this.
- Product - you have to have something to sell
- People - you have to have people who want what you have.

Okay... track with me...Let's keep going...

4)  You want to build a list of people who want to hear about your product. 

You do this by getting a web based super simple contact manager called an autoresponder.  They run about $20 a month and it's part of your automation. You will be able to program emails to send to your list inviting them back to learn about your product.  Your autoresponder will ad you in your time freedom so much!

5)  You obviously need a way to capture their email right?  

When you go to a store, often times at checkout, the cashier will ask for your email.  Why?  They want to follow up with you and invite you back to their store.  

Well, with internet marketing, nobody's at a brick and mortar store with a cashier
asking for your email.  So you do that online.  You use what's called a 'capture page'. It's the page that asks you for your email in exchange for information.  

6)  You also need a page online that you can show off your product.  

Your customer obviously needs to see how your product is the solution to the problem they are seeking right?  Makes sense.  

7)  You need a way for your customer to buy from you.  




So, let's review so far... See if this makes sense.  Here's what you need.  And as you go down this list, I want to you to say "check!" if you understand.  If it makes sense.

- Mindset - your decision to do this.
- Product - you have to have something to sell
- People - you have to have people who want what you have.
- Creating a List - you want to start a list of people who want information about your product.
- Follow up- you want to follow up with them about their possible purchase.
- Product page - you want to have a page on the internet where they can learn about your products
- Buy Link - you want to have a way for them to buy.

Awesome, right?  So then the last component is this....


If your business is internet marketing... making money using the internet, offering a product online, then you have to know how to market.

When you become a master at marketing my friend, you can write your paycheck.

There are many ways to market and you will discover them when you get started on your home based internet marketing business.

It's the marketing part that gets your engine running.  It's the life blood into your business.  It's how you start to build your list.

You will place ads through various ways...

When you learn where and how to do this, you can target the people who are searching on the internet for what YOU have!

Why shouldn't they buy from you?  They should!

Now, I can hear you say... "but how do I do this?"

YOU LEARN how internet marketing works.


1)  The process, you understand.  It makes sense that you have to have these things...

Mindset - your decision to do this.
Product - you have to have something to sell
People - you have to have people who want what you have.
Creating a List - you want to start a list of people who want information about your product.
Follow up- you want to follow up with them about their possible purchase.
Product page - you want to have a page on the internet where they can learn about your products
Buy Link - you want to have a way for them to buy.
Marketing - your advertising so people can find what you have to offer and join our list to learn more.

2)  Are you willing to invest in yourself to learn?  There you have your answer.

I'm a baby boomer who lost my real estate practice when the market crashed back in 2007.  My options were to get a job from 9-5 for minimum wage or learn a new skill and that I can use the rest of my life to create the life I want.  

I didn't ever want to be in this position again!  

I would refuse to allow the economy to put me out of business!

Like you, I understood the concepts of selling products online based on the check list above.  

But rather than simply understand the concept, I made a decision that I would invest in myself to get the education and help on HOW to do it.

I hung up my suit, high heels and fancy office and traded them for shorts, sandals and my lounge chair and got to work watching training videos on how to do this.

I did a lot of things wrong my first year.  But the training back in 2007 wasn't there like it is today.  If I had had the training available today, I would not have struggled so much.


Everything you need to learn is under the umbrella of Empower Network.  

When You Learn What's Under The Empower Network Umbrella And Apply It.... You Can Sit Under This Umbrella And Love Your Life!

Inside Empower Network....

You will learn how to have the right mindset.
You will have a product to sell already created for you.
You will have a product that people are starving for around the world.
You will learn about how to start a list of people who want to learn more about your products.
You will learn how to use your autoresponder and follow up automatically with your prospects.
You will have a products page already done for you.
You will have a buy link already done for you.  You don't need to do anything.  You don't need a merchant account anything. 
You will learn how to market and all the ways there are... it's fantastic.

The last questions are these.

Do you want to learn?
Are you willing to learn?
Are you willing to come to the table and say "I can do this" regardless of your past history?  Your past doesn't not dictate your future.

We are here to help you on your journey to internet marketing success.  

But you have to take the first step

I recommend you join Empower Network.
I recommend you buy all the products.  

Here's the thing.  Empower Network offfers a la carte products.  

It's a personal development, business and leadership company.  So everyone coming in has a different need.  But if you're new and you've never had success before, you need all the products.

You'll find a products for....

- blogging to share your product with the world.
- inner circle audios for daily personal development.
- technical application of marketing strategies
- leadership and team building
- traffic generation
- why having a high ticket product can help you skyrock the speed of where you're wanting to go
- how to blog
- how to write
- what to say and how to say it

I mean... just everything!


Successful people know how to make decisions.  Here's what they do...

1)  They make a decision that they want to learn and will do this.
2)  They get started by being resourcesful and finding the money they need for their education.
3)  They dive in and start implementing what they learn.
4)  They are super okay with making mistakes because they know it's a part of learning.
5)  They stay the course and never give up.

BAM!  It's how I did it.  It's how it's done.  No secrets sauce.  Just a gameplan and working their plan.

You have whatever you want in life my friend.  

Make a decision.

Get started here.

To Your "No Boss Lifestyle"

Debbie Turner - Taking off in a hot air balloon.. what fun!

PS:  If you have not watched the Empower Network overview of what happens when you're empowered to achieve, watch this short film here.

3 Tips For Persevering To Success


3 Tips For Persevering To Success

When I was growing up, us kids each had a punching bag as tall as we were.  The punching bags were like tall balloons with sand in the bottom and you blew them up. 

They came in different characters but the one I had was a clown.  You could punch it as hard as you could and the bag would "take the punch", sway in the way you punched it and then always come right back to stand tall.  

Have you ever had one of those punching bags?  

If I can use that to make an illustration, you want to have the same determination in your business as you walk the path to success.  When challenges punch you in the face, bounce back!  Stay the course!

3 Tips For Persevering To Success

Tip 1)  Understand and come to terms with, the fact that you cannot expect to get the end result immediately.  Your success is a journey my friend.  I wish there was another way to communicate this but there's not.  

You simply have to be patient, allow yourself to grow, learn, change, adapt, wash, rinse, repeat.

Think of all the things in your life that were worth the time and energy to accomplish.  Some of those things took you years to finish.  Even perhpas the job you do now.  Perhaps it took you years to get where you wanted to be in your career.  Or your income level.  

Or what about your relationships?  They develop over time, don't they?  You don't have a new BFF overnight.  It takes years to trust and experiences together to know if you have a true blue friend.

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote,

"When you get into a right place and everything goes against you, until it seems as tough you could not hold one a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the time and place that the tide will turn."

2)  Don't give up on yourself.  Don't quit.  Don't say it's too hard, or is taking too long, or is too ...anything.  Your personal growth and who you become in the process is glorious.  This journey is so magnificant.  You will learn about yourself more things than you ever knew.

  • You'll find strength you never knew you had.
  • You'll find courage you didn't know you had.
  • You'll find out what you're made of.
  • You'll use your journey to help others without even realizing it.
  • You'll pinpoint your weaknesses so you can develop in those areas.
  • You become more confident because you're gaining knowledge.  And guess what?  Finding out what doesn't work is all part of gaining knowledge!  Oh, the things you can share with the world about what not to do.  That is so valuable and people will thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

Why a picture of the music notes?  When you think your persevering won't lead to anything but a dead end, think again.  Think of Brahms.  It took him seven long years to compose his famous lullaby.

Use this imagy to SING when you're down and remember that what you're doing will pay off.  Sing along the way.  Be joyful!


Personal Tip On Persevering to Success:  

When I get frustrated, I turn my attention to God and ask Him to give me the strength and courage to stay the course.  I thank Him for the challenge set before me and ask Him to show me how I can use this to help someone else.  

I do this because I know God has called me for such a time as this and to work in the field I am in.  And if God is for me, who can be against me?  

He has a plan for my business and my life and He's promised that He will use all things for good.  He never lets me down.  He's always there and always gets me through weary moments.

God is no respector of persons and what He does for me, He'll do for you too!  Just ask Him and let Him show up in your life!


3)  Don't accept failure as an option.  Did you know the root meaning of success is "persevere"?  Herein lies the answer to why so many people fail.  

Take inventory of your commitment to your success.

Are there any doubts?  Get rid of them. You are on your way to everything you dream about. 

Just like a chunk of coal, doing what it does under pressure for a period of time, becomes a diamond, so you will achieve what you want.  

The path that leads to success is uphill and take persevering.  You're not going to be breaking speed records but you are going to be making headway.  

At your pace.  

In your time.  

In your way.  

While we are on the same path, the challenges in the road we trod will be different because no two individuals are the same. Each individual brings different belief systems, different life experiences, different abilities to grasp and apply information, different motivations, different energies, different thinking.  

DECIDE to PERSEVERE.  We can all do that.  We can all run the race.  And we can all decide to never give up.  

And you know what?  You're not alone in persevering.  There's many just like you that you can connect with and run with and develop life long friendships with for accountability, and help and sharing through the good and difficult days.  

The business of creating success is one of the more rewarding things you'll ever do.  Your eyes will be opened to the endless possibilities all around you.

"These troubles and sufferings of ours are, after all, quite small and won't last very long.  Yet this short time of distress will result in God's richest blessing upon us forever and ever."  2 Cor. 4:17 TLB

Be encouraged today my friend.  Look forward to all that is before you with excitement and joy.  

It doesn't matter what the size of the wall may look like, you will be on the other side of it if you persevere and stay the course.  Never give up.  

Be like that punching bag that when it gets hit, it comes back to you.  When challenges hit you, you bounce right back.  Stand tall.  You can do this.

Live Your Best Life!

Ready to take off in a hot air balloon... talk to you soon!


PS:  If you want to know what I'm doing to create the life I love through blogging and online marketing, visit my website here.

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

PPS:  What are your tips for persevering to success?


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Are You In The Game Of Business To Win?

Winning in business is really a game of the mind.  And as Walt Disney said... if you don't quit, you can get there.

Think about everything you've accomplished in your life.  When you reflect back on the things you won in, you will see that you simply decided to do it.  There was no option to fail.

  • Riding a bike
  • Getting good at your hobbies
  • Getting good at a sport
  • Getting good at your job
  • Getting good grades in school
  • Graduating college
  • Getting married
  • Having kids
  • Losing weight
  • Getting in shape
  • Running 5K

You accomplished it because of your best thinking. PERIOD. 

You saw in your mind what you wanted to accomplish.  You knew what the end result would look like, feel like and you focused on that.  And... you even didn't mind the journey to get there.

Did you have setbacks?  Yes.
Did you have a few hiccups?  Yes.
Did you have a few failures?  Yes.
Did you do everything perfect?  No.
Did you put any money toward these things even without guarantees because you knew if you stayed the course, you'd get it right?  Yep.

Being in business requires your time and some money.

Are you willing to do what it takes, just like the other things you've accomplished?

  • It's showing up when you don't feel like it.
  • It's learning a new marketing strategy when you don't feel like it.
  • It's going to an event when you don't feel like it.

You are the boss.  

how are you doing toward achieving your business goals?

Would you fire yourself?  

Would you give yourself a raise?  

Are you showing up everyday for your work or the hours you've set for yourself?

Are you implementing marketing strategies and working through your glitches?

Are you choosing the right attitude even when those around you are calling you crazy?

Are you investing in your education to become the best business person you can be?

Compare that to someone trying to lose weight or bulk up at the gym

Are you showing up everyday to workout during the hours you set for yourself?

Are you implementing exercises and routines and working through your soreness?

Are you choosing the right foods even when those around you are eating pizza and hotdogs?

Are you investing in your health, gyms fees, coaches, organic foods, juicers, home workout equipment, dvd's,  to give you the best chance to accomplish your goals?

It's all mind over matter.

You want to be successful in business or you don't really care that much.

You want to be healthy and fit and trim or you don't really care that much.

It's a matter of a decision.

And when that decision is solid, there is nothing that can stop you.

Not the hours in a day.
Not the money you invest.
Not the coaching you get.
Not the time you put in.
Not the people around you.
Not the rainy day.
Not the "I'm not feeling well today".

Your dreams and goals will become a priority in your life, just under your faith and family I hope.
There will be no "try".
There will only be "do".

I believe in you.
Do you believe in yourself.?

That's the first step.

Do you believe you can lose weight and get fit?  If so, and you want it, you'll do it.  Period.

Do you believe you can learn a few things like how to make money on line?  If so, and you want it, you'll do it.  Period.

Do you believe you can back to college and pass a class and get a degree?  If so, and you want it, you'll do it.  Period.

Do you believe you can buy come DVD's, take some classes, buy some ingredients and learn to cook?  If so, and you want it, you'll do it.  Period.

Do you believe you can do anything, become a study of it, buy what you need, take classes and do what it is you want to do?  If so, and you want it, you'll do it.  Period.

So, what do you want to do?

Do it.

If you're reading this blog, chances are it's because you are dreaming of a more fulfilling life.  

There's things you want to accomplish, people you want to give to, things you want that you've never been able to have.  

You want peace and financial security, knowing that you'll never be homeless and always have a nice roof over your head.  

You want to know your medical bills are paid for.  

You want to go and see and explore the world.  

You can do all these things.  You simply need a vehicle to get you there.

The vehicle is learning how to market anything you want online and be able yo write you own check.  

Where do you learn to do this?

Empower Network.  They have everything you need to learn what you need to learn.  

All the personal development.
All the technical application instruction
All the team building
All the leadership training.
All the business principles
The community
A blog to blog on and get your marketing message out there.

You either want to learn and be willing to implement or you don't.

Pretty simple.

Join Empower Network and Get all in.

Get all in means.. 

  • Buy all the products because that's your education.
  • Show up.  
  • Show up and work everyday. 
  • Show up and get to events.  
  • Show up and renew your mind everyday.

I'm in the game of business.
I have the life I love.

You getting started in your business has no bearing on me or my life.

I'm sharing this message with YOU for YOU.  Yes, I make money when you decide to join Empower Network under my link right here.  But your sale doesn't make or break me.  I'm sharing this with you because I show up every day to help others catch the vision for themselves.

This isn't about me.  It's about YOU. 

I want to help YOU have the best life YOU can have by teaching you the critical principles of business thinking and action taking.

You've raised your hand and said I want information about how I can have a successful home based business and I need to learn how.

I'm giving that to you.

  • You can take what you learned from Empower Network and apply it to any business.
  • You don't have to be an affiliate with Empower Network, you can just be a customer.
  • You don't have to market Empower Network's products.  Just use them to learn.  It's the education you need.

I'm believing that you will take the steps you need to take today to move your business, your thinking, your goals forward.

Join here.

If you haven't watched the short film yet about how lives are being changed through the Empower Network products, watch it here.

To Your Best Life....

Debbie Turner (On vacation in Mexico at a turtle preserve)



Today has been pretty awesome.


We had a LOT of people join our weekly mastermind for traffic/conversions.

We just launched it today...


The server went down for a little and the video stalls... *technology* 

All good now...


It's Like Christmas... Without The Lines


Time is running out.


So my buddy Vick has his 2 bonuses that are about to expire...


The first bonus (2 hour fast action bonus is over) 

the 2nd Bonus I believe has 24hrs left on it.


Before you see that... my team is offering our own Bonus 


Bonus #1  Weekly Mastermind 


Question: Why do “some” people buy awesome “HOW TO” products and don’t explode after they buy it?


Answer: Here are a couple reasons

1)  People buy and “collect” things and don’t actually go through it. Example – cookbooks that collect dust


2)  People buy something and SKIM through it and put it down. Never really getting a good understand of the content and probably absorbed less than 30% of the material.


3)  Procrastination – Life gets in the way and the HIGH of buying the product has worn off and the product isn’t immediately used.




1)  A Weekly Group Hangout – Discussing what is covered PER 
module in the Internet Traffic Formula in a group setting.
Ex: Ever been part of a Church Small Group or Bible Study…. 
I want to mimic this style so people can absorb parts of the 
information in chunks


2)  Accountability – You have a DEADLINE to go over the material  as you need to have gone over it BEFORE the next webinar covering the material.
EX: study groups in college…. you got a weekly homework assignment and you MUST get it done in time. Pressure is GOOD


3)  With Lawrence Tam – Your personal 7 figure earner running the show and I’ll be covering my ideas and suggestions in the hangouts. And it’s not going to cost you his normal coaching fee ($1,000/hour)

How to Redeem?

I'll see you in my back office as a buyer and we'll connect.

Send me an email to... debbieturner3@yahoo.com

You MUST be ready to TAKE ACTION on this material because the bonus will mean nothing without Taking Massive Action



April 7th:
MODULE 1 - Media Traffic X
MODULE 2 - The OPL Method

April 10th: Group coaching call

April 14th:
MODULE 3 - Traffic Agencies
MODULE 4 - The Penny Traffic

April 17th: Group coaching call

April 21st:

April 24th: Group coaching call

April 28th:
MODULE 8 - Social Media Traffic

May 1st: Group coaching call

May 5th:

May 8th: Group coaching call

May 12th:

May 15th: Group coaching call


May 22nd: Group coaching call




Scale up your business Calculations Sheet


The class is filling up nicely. 

We are going to have a good mix of experienced traffic marketers and novices so the peer group will be a good group to learn from. 

Class will close on April 5th (will be taking no more seats for my free weekly mastermind)


In less than 20 hours from now, Vick is taking down his fast-action bonus for Internet Traffic Formula.

Click here and secure your spot now:  


Don't forget Vick's bonuses either...


Vick is offering a bonus that is so valuable, it's essentially going to make your purchase of Internet Traffic Formula free of charge.

Now - I want you to understand me correctly as you're reading this, and 
paying attention:  Internet Traffic Formula is NOT free.


The BONUS that you're going to get for ordering your copy in the next 20 hours is so valuable - that were you to pay for it directly...

It would cost more than the entire tuition.

Because of this, you owe it to yourself to click this link and claim your spot now.


I'll see you on the other-side.

To Your "No Boss Lifestyle"!


Debbie Turner


PS:  You don't have to be a member of Empower Network to purchase this product.  Here's a review of Internet Traffic Formula.

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