Resources (Step 4 Of 7 Of Your Turnaround)

Resources - Step 4 of 7 of your turnaround, is part of a series I'm doing based on my mentor T.D. Jakes series.  It's such good stuff and I can't keep it to myself! These are foundational principles I've been able to apply to my life to be free through home business entrepreneurship.

I love windmills like the ones in the picture above.  When I see it, I see resources for unlimited potential.

To apply this picture to your business, I want you to see each windmill as a different resource that you can pull from to establish, build and grow your business and your life.   

Speaking of being free...I believe you deserve to do the things you want in life.  And when I talk to people, I've never had anyone not mention travel.  

People tell me the places they've always wanted to go and see and the family members they've wanted to visit.  So having the freedom to up and go anytime, anywhere, seems to be important.  

It's almost August and I've been traveling a lot.  And so far my schedule with confirmed travel plans once a month between now and Christmas. I'll be seeing family... friends.. and sights.  They include ...

Michigan for a week

Disney World for a week

Williamburg and other historical sites in and around Virginia for 10 days

Charleston, South Carolina for a week.. and ...

I'm heading this next weekend to Bardstown, KY to spend the weekend exploring the historical town and seeing the Stephen Foster story.. just for something to do, to learn about and to have fun with.  (Google it and check it out).

I share this with you to show you what's possible for YOU!  My business provides the income for me to do this.  

Income disclaimer... I work smarter, not harder and I've put in my time to learn and apply.  I don't preach get rich quick crap...I preach roll up your sleeves, get your head in the game and put in your time.  Just so we're clear!  You have to really want this life and then go get it.  And the good news is you CAN!.. if you want.

If this is something that's important to you my friend, consider the cost and commitment.  It's worth it.  Don't be afraid to learn new ways of doing things and you'll begin to get new results.  

In this series there are 7 steps.  I've shared with you the first 3 already.  Here they are.

Step 1:  Exposure.  Know what your options are.  Be exposed to different businesses in terms of products, company structure and commissions, etc.  Read about explosure here.

Step 2:  Decision.  Now that you know your options, make a decision to take action and get started.  Read about decision here.

Step 3:  Transformation.  You MUST develop yourself from the inside out.  Your mind needs to be strong to withstand the frustrations and learning curve any business requires.  Read about transformation here.

Step 4:  Resources:  This is today's topic.  So let's talk about the resources that's required for your business success.  .

It's silly to believe that you can start a business and expend very little time, energy and money.  It's also not responsible to think that you can start a business without any tools.

Imagine if you wanted to open a coffee shop but didn't want to be open except for 1 hour a day and you didn't want to invest in any inventory.  How can you possibly run a business?  

Just because you have a home based business, doesn't mean you don't need to invest in areas we'll talk about below. 

Let's take a look at the resources required to start your home business.

1)  TOOLS:  You wouldn't think to build a house without tools.  Nor would you think to begin a diet and weight loss program without tools.. so one extreme to the other.  In your home based business, you need tools also.  

But unlike a brick and mortar, your tools are relatively small.  For example, the tools you need are a product, autoresponder and blog.  Pretty simple, yes?  

2)  INVESTMENT:  It is not reasonable to assume that you can be successful in a business without any investment.  Who does that make sense to?  

For your home business, your investment will include:

Your products...

Your time and creativity...

Your money...

Your education...

Your energy and focus...

You will need to learn the various ways to present and market your product, how to techically apply those strategies, how to brand yourself,  how to offer outstanding customer service, how to handle objections and how to prepare mentally to stay the course for the long haul until you have achieved the success you desire.  

3)  MATERIALS:   You need materials to sustain your business.  Materials are anything you can use to grow your business.  Materials can be mentors, coaches, education, energy, tools,communities, connections, your plan, your backup plan, your personal development routine and even all your life's experiences up to this point.  

4)  ENERGY:  This requires you to assess your life and daily schedule and start saying NO to things that are wearing you out, sucking your energy and not propelling you forward.  

It takes energy to build and sustain a home based business and if you are making decisions that interfere with that, you will be burned out and have nothing left of yourself at the end of the week. You must prioritize your day and commitments and all the things which I call 'noise' that comes at you every day wanting your time and energy and be prepared to turn it away and turn it off so you can pursue your dreams.

5)  TIME:  Guess what?  This all takes time.  How much time depends on your commitment, your focus, your willingness to learn and implement and tweak as you go.  

It depends on your personal development growth because your business will only grow in relation to you growing from the inside out with your thinking and attitude toward your dreams, what's possible and who you are allowing to influence you.  

Once you get real and honest about your resources required, then you have a solid foundation upon which to build.

Is it worth it?  I think so!  Even if it took you a couple of years, wouldn't it be worth living your dreams for the rest of your life?  The good news is the decision is yours. 

See what I'm doing which funds my dreams, my travel, my "up and go anytime, anywhere" and I'm a baby boomer who didn't step into this online business world until I was 48ish.  So no excuses!



Lessons From My First Watercolor Class

Summer's here and I wanted to take a class on how to use watercolors.  My grandfather was an artist and I used to sit for hours watching him paint.  I can still hear Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass playing on his radio has he created beautiful paintings in his art studio behind the old Inglewood, CA home where my mom grew up.  

As he painted, he shared with me his words of widsom about being able to accomplish anything in life I set my mind to.

Grandpa was self taught and I was amazed at what he could do.  He just knew he wanted to paint and figured it out. He said I could do the same thing if I wanted to.  It was simply making a decision to learn to paint.

I Arrived For Class 

I took that spirit into class.  I wore a shirt that was suitable to get paint on and was really excited to be handed the brush and paints and canvas to make my first strokes.

But that's not what happened at all.

We were welcomed to the class and told we would not be doing any 'hands on' today.  Rather, it was day to set expectations and to watch how watercolor applies to papers and to learn.

What I learned was

- The different types of watercolor techniqes.. wet on wet... dry on wet... 

- The 5 colors we'll be getting will mix any color imaginable

- The papers we use to apply to makes a difference in the result.  I'll be starting with 140 lb coldpress but I was able to feel and see the difference between hot and cold press.

-  That water travels.  I will be tilting and turning my canvas to allow colors to bleed into each other at the direction I guide.

-  In using watercolors you paint your light to dark first where with other types of paintings you go from dark to light.

- how to touch your canvas to check for dampness using the back of your fingers rather than your finger tips that contain so much oil and will turn up in your painting.

- that "value" means dark and light 

- that a $15 brush produces the same result at the $400 brush.

and so much more!  

For an hour and a half, I watched demos, learned the basics and there's one more thing that was POUNDED into the students....


1)  It's going to take a LONG time before we perfect our art.  

2)  It's going to require hours and hours and hours of practice.

3)  It's going to require us buying art supplies like paint and paper and going through a bunch of it just practicing.

4)  It's going to require patience... lots of patience.

5)  This isn't something we should start if we are not willing to "pay our dues" (put in the time and investment to learn the skill)

6)  This is a skill that has to be mastered in order to be accomplished in watercolor.

7)  We must be willing to enjoy the journey.  Have fun.  Laugh at ourselves.  Love our pieces of art along the way.

8)  Feel free to express ourselves and not worry about what anyone thinks of our own creativity.

As I was searching for online thoughts from watercolor experts, here's what one artist said...

I’ve never been a real big fan of warming up. Not when I’m exercising or (trying to) sing or write calligraphy or anything else I’ve dabbled in. No, I’m more of a “let’s jump in and do this” kind of person. And that has proven to be totally okay in certain circumstances…but definitely not when I began exploring watercolor painting. 

Warming up to my watercolor lessons was essential because I needed to get familiar with the fluidity of the medium while trying to figure out how to paint watercolor works with some kind of control, so that the pigments didn’t just slip and slide all over the place.

That resulted in me observing as many watercolor workshops as I could, participating in watercolor painting lessons given by instructors when I was able, and most of all warming up my watercolor painting skills on my own by practicing a few essential beginner watercolor painting techniques.  


Beautiful autumn florals by Cory Winn

It Was Necessary

I had to smile and agree that the first class had to be what it was.  I'm one that wants to jump in like the artist mentioned above.  However, that's not in my best interest.

Setting the expectations correctly at the start is imperative.  It let's me know what I'm in for...

... for the fun I'm going to have making a mess...

... for the frustration I'll experience ...

... for the investment of time and materials for practicing...

... for the passion and love I'll have for the art I'm developing...

... for the permission to be creative and love what the end result shows, even in all it's impefections...

I'm ready!  

I have my grandfather's spirit of "it's never too late to learn a new skill" and "I can do anything I make my mind to do".  Therefore, I AM equipped for watercolor mastery... if not just for fun and enjoyment and the experience of creating a few pieces.


Same Teaching For A Home Based Business

I received the same teachings... and now teach others... that these are the basics of starting a home based business.

Becoming successful in any business takes a process....

of being patient...

of spending time and money to learn...

of hours and hours of practicing...

of making up your mind that you WILL DO it no matter what...

of having fun and enjoying the journey along the way...

of learning to laugh at yourself...

of discovering that failure is only feedback...so you can tweak and improve...


Are You Ready To Get Started In Your Home Based Business?

If you are ready... laughter in heart... full of joy that you have made your decision to start a home business, then it's truly Your Time!

I recommend you get started with Empower Network where the products are all about your education and the community to help you stay focused.  Gain the skills and confidence necessary for the win.



Transforming Your Mind

This is part 3 of 7 in a series that I just love by T.D. Jakes to help you understand what it takes to have a turnaround in your life when it comes to building your dreams.

Step 3  in our 7 steps is on Transformation.  Thinking differently so you can get a different result.

Decisions lead to transformation.  People who cant make decisions are not able to transform because they are stuck in the not making a decision mode.  They never get anything done because they never make a decision.  So if you've haven't made a decision yet, you've got to go back to that first.

Once you make a decision, you then move into a process called transformation.

A transformation doesn't start on the outside.  It starts on the inside by the renewing of your mind. When you make up your mind that you are going to do a 'thing' based on your decision, there's nothing that can stop you.  

As long as your mind is set on the decision you've made, truly, you can deal with anything that tries to come against you to keep you from what you want to accomplish.

Every spirit out there wants your mind because they know that where your mind goes, there your life goes also.  Therefore, its super critical that you know where to put your focus and determination to not be swayed from your goals.

Whatever situation you are in that you want to change requires transformation. And transformation is a process.  

You know this is true.  Here's a short list, all of which requires one to make a decision to change and requires a transformation from the mindset... inside out.

Going through AA - transformation required.
Any addictions - transformation required.
Weight loss - transformation required.
Relationships - transformation required.
Poverty to Abundance - transformation required.
Business Success - transformation required.

You alone have to decide that THIS process of transformation is important to YOU because it is YOUR goal.. and then you set your MIND over MATTER.

You cannot do it for your momma.
You cannot do it because your kids want you to
You cannot do it because your best friend said you should.
You cannot do it because of anyone else.

You do it because YOU want to do it for YOURSELF and what it will mean to YOU.  This is the ONLY way you will stay with the transformation process.


Transformation is about refusing to be a one dimentional person.  You want to get out of your box and get away from people who do what you do, and think like you think, and wear what you wear, and look like you look.  Your life is stale when you only stay around you and your immediate family and friends.

When I say get away from them, I' not suggesting you abandon them although if you have a toxic relationship with them and they are always going to keep you down and stomped on, then I'd say run.

What I am saying that if you are trying to achieve a higher level of possibilities for yourself, you have to think differently and be exposed to new things and new people who have already accomplished what you want to do.  You need mentors, you need to be around new ways of thinking. You need to expose yourself to new ways of doing things.  If you don't, you'll always have what you have.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  

Stinkin thinking comes from limited exposure to what's possible for you.  If all you have known is "get a education, get a job and struggle all your life", then guess what?  That's all you believe is possible for you.

If you have a family history of heart disease and you believe that's your destiny, then guess what?  Thats what you'll have.

Transformation is about choosing to think differently.
It's about going down a different path, deliberately and purposefully.
It's about changing your mind about your life and what's possible.

Just because momma lived in poverty doesn't mean I have to.
Just because my brother is an addict, doesn't mean I have to be.
Just because my aunt died from heart disease from obesity doesn't mean I have to.

You can make up your mind... CHANGE your mind... about what you think!

You can think that you are sucessful.
You can believe that you deserve abundance.
You can believe that you deserve time freedom.
You can believe that you have what it takes to make something great with your one and only life.
You can believe that all things are possible!

You deserve transformation!  You deserve to think bigger!  See bigger visions for yourself.

You can't be transformed in your life until you're transformed in your thinking.

No matter what you want to accomplish in life, it's not going to happen until and unless you transform your thinking.  You've been wired since childhood what to think, how to respond, and all your life experiences have proven that right.  

What you need is a NEW download to your brain and learn how to think in terms of overcoming, unlimited possibilities, abundance, positivity, and all the ingredients  that will allow you to transform your thoughts which in turn direct your actions which in turn give you the results you seek.

How Can You Transform?

1)  Know what it is that you want.

2)  Make a decision to have that.

3)  Read everyday for 30 minutes on the topic of personal development or books on how others achieved what you want.

4)  Listen to audio every day.  You can do this while you're driving back and forth to work, or cleaning, or working out, etc.  You don't have to sit and take notes, but just listen while you're doing other things.

5)  Hang out with others who already have what you want.  You do this by being a part of a community.

6)  Stay the course.  It's not an overnight gig.  It's a journey, a process just like anything else.

Inside Empower Network, we have a product called the Inner Circle audios.  It's a vast library of audios that are being added to all the time.  You can tap into those daily.  the sole purpose of these audios is to help you transform your thinking and what's possible for your life.

Also, inside is a community filled with like-minded entrepreneurs who will support your dreams and goals and give you the mentoring and role modeling you need for your transformation.

You can get the inner circle product here and get started on your transformation today.

Believing All Great Things For You!

Debbie Turner

If you missed Step 1 on Exposure, click here.

If you missed Step 2 on Decision, click here.


Making A Decision

Today's blog is all about making the decisions in life that are necessary to get you from point A to point B.  Specifically the lifestyle area of your life which is the result of your home based business... your entrepreneurial endeavors.  

This is part 2 of a 7 part series for your turn around inspiried by T.D. Jakes, one of my favorite all time mentors. When he speaks, I listen and take action.  And because I have done that, I've been able to live the life I love on my terms since 2007. 

The first Step in your turn around for the lifestyle you want is exposing your options.  If you missed what I shared about that, read about it here.  That is truly the first step because when you don't know what your options are, how can you possibly make a good decision?  You can't.  

The next step... step 2, is making a decision.  

Now that you know your options, it's time for you to make a decision.  What does decision mean?

de·ci·sion  (d-szhn)n.1. The passing of judgment on an issue under consideration.
2. The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one's mind.
3. A conclusion or judgment reached or pronounced; a verdict.

Making a Decision Means....

All the information has been gathered and weighted.  
All the pros and cons have been considered.  
All the costs have been calculated.
All the benefits have been taken under consideration.

When I was transitioning from real estate agent to internet marketing entrepreneur and started my home based business, I did just that.  I gathered information, weighted the pros and cons, calculated the costs and most off all, the benefits of moving forward was EXACTLY what I wanted in life.  

Moving forward in my decision to go ALL IN, time, money, heart and soul, would give me the lifestyle I wanted.  No more bosses.  No more cranky clients.  No more deals that I stressed over for 30 days wondering if they'd stay together, especially when working with sellers.  

Rather, the end result for me was total replacement income and then more... uncapped income.  Sleeping until I was ready to get up.  Going to bed when I was tired.  Planning my days around family and friends and travel all while having a business that worked for me around the clock using automation.

Man I wanted that!  And I would have it!  I've made my decision!

The road blocks didn't matter! 

The challenges didn't matter!

The people who thought I was crazy didn't matter!

I SAW the life I wanted and was focused on getting there!


The Decision Lies In The Goals

People do not fail because their goals are to big...

They fail because their goals are to small.

Small goals amount to small actions...

And I've never watched anyone reach any level of notable success with small actions.

However, when you 10X your mindset and start thinking bigger, that's when it
all changes.  The goals you set begin to outweigh your problems, and because of this...

Stress melts away.

Joy springs forth.

You begin to live differelty.

You quit caring what "they" think.

You do whatever it takes to get what you need to move forward.

And you, for the first time, start seeing success in your life and business.

This is all happening as a result of you making the decision to 10X your mind.


Which path are you going to choose? 

The path of "normal" thinking and "small" actions...

The path of "bigger" thinking and begin to 10X your actions.


Making No Decision IS Making A Decision

Oftentimes I hear people really struggle to make a decision.  They can't decide whether to get started or not.  To me, they've already made a decision to NOT go after what they want in life.

They tell all the things they want to accomplish for themselves... and for their family.  

They tell me how they have no job opportunities or that they are slave to a job they hate.  

They tell they love their job but it doesn't give them the money and financial stability or time they really want.

They tell me they want to start a home based business.

They tell me they'll do anything to have the life they dream about.

But then in the next sentence they tell me they haven't decided to get started.

Donald Trump at this point would say, 'You're Fired!"

My friends...

Either you DO or DO NOT want to have a home based business and ARE or ARE NOT willing to do whatever it takes to succeed!


There is no walking the fence!  

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart which is why not everyone is doing it.  It takes someone with a big reason WHY and is ready to dive in and learn.. spend money on training... get to events to network... and believe in themselves.


Ready To Decide In Favor Of Yourself?

If you are ready to decide in favor of yourself, it's time to get started.

Join Empower Network.  This is where your training is for any home based business you want to start.  This is your training on...

  1. Mindset
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Offline Marketing
  4. Leadership
  5. Team Building
  6. A blog to share your business
  7. Networking with others
  8. Community to support you and not buy into your excuses

Join Empower Network here and invest in yourself.

I'll see you on the other side and let's get you started!

Debbie Turner


Income Disclaimer:  Just because I've made a bunch of money in Empower Network does not mean you will.  I worked. You may not work.  I have no idea.  See our income disclaimer here.  Obviously, neither myself or Empower Network makes any guarantees of income whatsoever.  Let's be adult about this.

PS:  Stay tuned for part 3 of 7 in this turn around series.  These are not random steps that make no sense and being pulled from thin air.  These are common sense, tried and true steps you must take if you are going to take entrepreneurship seriously.  

PPS:  I believe in you.  Perhaps you are surrounded by people who do not cheer you on and don't believe in you.  I DO believe in you.  I believe all human beings are astonishingly great and have the God given ability to do, and be and have everything they were created to do, be and have.  You're awesome!


Exposing Your Options When Considering
A Home Based Business

This is a short series, I will to share 7 steps to take as you ponder about going from employee to entrepreneur.  Each of the 7 steps will be a seperate blog so stay tuned.  


If you are looking for a turnaround in your life toward being an entrepreneur, then I'm sure you'll agree that you want to know your options.  This just makes good sense, yes?

Expose yourself to all the various options available to you.

When my children were small, starting at the earliest they qualified to be a part of a sport, I told them they needed to be involved in a sport.  I didnt care which one, BUT they had to participate in something.  

I knew that them participating in sports would help them develop in areas of commitment, self-discipline, self-confidence, learning to be a team player, a gracious loser and what it felt like to win.  

I wanted them to learn how to handle setbacks, how to encourage other players,
how to respect coaches and players.

They were "exposed" to many different types of sports...

ice hockey
roller hockey

I exposed them by taking them to games, letting them participate in a practice, talking to the coach and meeting the players.

My boys ended up playing soccer and baseball in the same year and winter ball in the winter. They did this for about 4 years and then they went all out for baseball for several years.

One of sons graduated from HS playing varisty soccer and running track.  The other was baseball all the way, made the All Stars and was a varsity pitcher.  

My daughter played soccer for a season, cheered for a season and danced for a several with the Charleston Ballet Company before putting all her focus on a 2nd degree black belt accomplishment.

They were EXPOSED to what was available.  And because they then knew their options and what each one entailed, they selected their choice that they felt was right for them.  


As you start your home based business journey, you have many options when it comes to offering your products or services.

What product and/or service will you offer?

Network Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
A skill you already have such as landscaping, accounting, babysitting, etc.
Writing a book and course on a hobby you love and have knowledge about
Whatever you can image

Take some time and think about what ALL your options are.  Make a list and think about whether what you choose will bring joy to your life.

Stay tuned for the next blog post.... on Step 2 of your Turn Around 

Step 1 is to get exposed to ideas and what's available. 

Talk to you shortly... :)

Debbie Turner

PS:  Here's where you can take whatever you decide to do and get the education on HOW to market.  Click Here

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