Fast Start With iPAS2 Marketing System


Fast Start With iPAS2 Marketing System

iPAS2 marketing system is the first of it's kind being like a digital franchise system.  

It's perfect for anyone who is looking for high automation and high touch at the same time.  As this is the best of both worlds in business.

I'ts perfect for anyone who wants to have coaches and a system that allows them to live their lives while others work for them in their business.  Just in the same way that when you open a brick and mortar, you have others running and managing your business.

(To test drive the system click here.)

The iPAS2 Marketing System is exactly that.

It's designed to get you a fast start in your business and to free you up to also have a life!  

Too many times home business owners spend 40-50-60 hours a week and it's not necessary.  It's not their fault... they just don't know there's an easier way.  iPAS2 IS that easier way. 


How To Get A Fast Start

This "Fast Start" section of the iPAS2 marketing system is designed to help you get started fast.  The objective of this section is to get you those small wins right away which includes helping you get your system paid for right away AND put you in profit mode.

How would that feel!?

When you can get those first few sales and get your system paid for, it's a great shot in the arm and will really give you the confidence and excitement to go full throttle in your business.  

You'll be excited to scale up!

And Confidence Feels Good!


What To Expect In The Fast Start Training of iPAS2

The first thing in your fast start section of your iPAS2 Marketing System will be to show you where to find your link to promote to the public.  Your link is equalivent to the front doors of a brick and mortar business.  This is the gateway to what you have to offer.

The next step in your Fast Start section of your iPAS2 Marketing System will be to show you how to get people (which we call 'traffic') through the doors of your business.  

What they will see is your $7 trial.  (Who doesn't love a trial?)  Everyone loves trials!

As part of this fast start section, you will be shown how you can get traffic to see your $7 trial.  You'll be shown both  free methods as well as a "click to order" paid solution.  In this case, with the click of a button, you can order DONE FOR YOU traffic and go about your day.  

The traffic will be sent to your trial and the system does the rest.  

You will have options and strategies to grow this business as fast as you want.

People are going to try the system.

A great percentage of people are going to buy the trial.

When they do, youll get an email and text that says "hey, someone just signed up for a trial and you've made a commission on that."

Understand that a percentage of those trial buyers will go ahead buy the system (this digital franchise like system) and you'll receive another email and text that says, "Hey, you just made a commission on the $47 a month".

And guess what?  You'll receive those commissions month after month for as long as those members are active.  


iPAS2 Coaches are invaluable!

The iPAS2 coaches have been highlly trained and can most definately assist you in your business!  They will be your right hand man!

This is where the high touch comes in.  It's really great to have live coaches inside the system that are assigned to each of your new members to assist them, answer questions and help them make further buying decisions.  

You see, your new members are just like you and are seeking additional income through a digital franchise like business.  And you know what you want and like yes?

Think about your own experiences.  When you sign up for a system, do you want to be left alone?  NO!  You want someone to talk to, to answer questions, to explain things and help you move along to the next step.  This is what our coaches do for you so you don't have to do that.

If you are a black iPAS2 member, you'll have access to coaches who will talk to your system owner members as to how and why the profit maximizers will help them create the lifestyle income they want.

If you are not in a position to be be a black member or cannot afford a coach (which are really the cost of a night out each month), we teach you how to be your own coach.  

In this manner, we give you the solution and resources to contact your new members.  We have weekly coaching training by a master coach to help you every step of the way.  So we never leave you hanging. You will receive the same training that our iPAS coaches receieved so you can hone your skills and confidence to do a great job yourself.

Remember this live touch with your new members will help you in your conversions dramatically.  You are giving your new members reassurance and understanding of
why we do what we do ...and how the products will assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.

In the end, this is how you get paid so the high touch through coaching and helping people understand the system is really critical.


"It's Included!" iPAS2 Marketing System

iPAS2 Fast Start Includes...

1)  Showing you where to find your link to advertise and how to add a sneaky little code to the end of it so you know exactly where your leads and buyers are coming from!  

2)  Showing you how to get your link to the public (your store doors open) by both free and paid "done for you" methods.  We even give you the ad copy to use and a link to the exactly paid traffic sources where you can simply "click and order".

3)  Showing you how you can use coaches or not use coaches to help your new members understand the business model.  Either way, we've got you covered.

4)  Showing you how to make sales.  At the end of the day, we sell products.  The good news is that if you use a coach, you can leave all of that to your coach while you go about your day.

What happens is this....

When you get those small wins with people taking your trial offer of $7 and then upgrading to being a system owner for $47/month, you experience those commissions and your coaches will help your members which profit maximizers they want which can put $2,000 in your pocket.  

Now you're off to a great FAST STARTwith your business and then it's time to scale up to reach your objectives, goals and the life you want.

Our goals are to help you to get the small wins and from there, you can scale up to create the lifestyle you want.  Take the trial, talk to my personal coach and see if this isn't everything you dreamed of to help YOU in achieving your lifestyle goals.

Let's Get You Off To A Fast Start!

Debbie Turner

PS:  I'm a boomer whose been marketing online since 2007.  I was rookie then and have gone through a lot of learning curves.  With the iPAS2 Marketing System, you can bypass SO much of that!  

I enourage all my boomer friends (and everyone) to take it for a test drive and see if it's not everything you need to run an awesome online business that doesn't suck your time and energy and frees you up to live your life while you build your business by using coaches to assist you.  




The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

I Can, I Will, I Must


I Can, I Will, I Must

You can overcome any obstacle and challenge regardless of how small or huge it is.  If you have dreams, you can achieve them.  Do whatever it takes.

A big problem for many new entrepreneurs is the issue of overwhelm.

An easy way to solve this problem is to step back when pen and paper and get quiet.  Break it down to the manageable and enjoyable.

1)  Identify what your WHY is.  Why are you willing to travel this journey?

2)  Identify 3-5 "money making activites you can do and be consistent with over a long period of time and do those things...

For example...

a) Write a blog post about it something you learned.

b) Make a 2 minute video to share what you learned.  Upload it to youtube.  Add it to your blog.

c) Post your blog post to your Facebook wall.

d) Post your blog post in Facebook Groups, on Linked in, Instagram, etc.

e) Email your blog post to your list.

This is NOT too much to do in exchange for living the life you love.  Think about that.

3.  Stay in personal development.  The day you decide it's not important, is the day things will begin to turn backward.  Its not possible to stay the 'same'.  You either move forward or go backward.

4.  Find a support group and community online or offline that are like minded with whom you can share your dreams with and mastermind.

5.  Don't compare yourself to others.  You must go your own journey with cheerleaders and mentors at your side.  Be authentic and have fun and accept that you are where you're are, just don't accept staying at that place.

6.  Stop looking around for more things to buy and distract you.  Unsubscribe from emails except for your mentors.  Stay off of the social media sites and feeling like you have to keep up with Jones on posts.  

These tips will help you with overwhelm.

See you at the top my friends...



PS:  My dream was to NEVER punch a clock or report to a boss.  My dream became a reality in 2007 when I learned how to market online.  Here's where you can get started too.  CLICK HERE

The Four F's To Success


The Four F’s

It’s the beginning of a new week, full of promises, new ideas, new opportunities and new chances!  Not sure where to start?

Start here…

So you can gain a little insight on overcoming the Four F’s this week.

The Four F’s keep us from making the changes we desire.   Manage and overcome them and you’re in the driver’s seat!


Humans crave certainty even though we know it limits us.  We fear stepping out of our known safe environment to venture into what we perceive as the abyss of uncertainty. But the abyss is a myth. It doesn’t exist! Most of us don’t like to try something new because it is uncomfortable.

When you step into the very thing you fear… The fear disappears!

You manage your fear by running towards it – because the fear you run away from chases you and may even haunt you.  Just do the things that frighten you most.  If you don’t own your fears – your fears will own you.

Know this: behind every wall of fear lies a precious treasure. Start exploring…


It’s sad to see so many people not even try because they think they’ll fail. Most don’t take the first step towards their dream.  They think it’s too risky. Hah! I think the biggest risk you ever take is NOT taking risks!

Take a small step and do it fast.  The universe rewards action!  Failure is an essential part of achieving success.  

As Michael Jordan puts it:

“There was never any fear for me, no fear of failure. If I miss a shot, so what?”


There can be no success without failure. Take your best shot!



See you over there!  

Debbie Turner


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What if you had a friend who said they'd pull
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Top Producer Formula Review


Top Producer Formula Review

Have you heard of the Top Producer Formula?  

It will be covering recruiting and selling… something people struggle a LOT with… I know.. I used to.

The Top Producer Formula is a product the industry needs.

Before we go into the Top Producer Formula Review …

There is a free gift waiting for you

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The PDF download is a easter egg download… it’s one that you have to FIND>..

You are pretty smart and can find it… then come back here and read the rest of this article.

Let the fun begin….

It’s Called - Top Producer Formula with 13 modules of Sexy

CLICK HERE for Top Producer Formula Review of the 13 Modules

Talk to you soon!  I'm on vacation at the beach and loving life!

Debbie Turner

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