I Can, I Will, I Must


I Can, I Will, I Must

You can overcome any obstacle and challenge regardless of how small or huge it is.  If you have dreams, you can achieve them.  Do whatever it takes.

A big problem for many new entrepreneurs is the issue of overwhelm.

An easy way to solve this problem is to step back when pen and paper and get quiet.  Break it down to the manageable and enjoyable.

1)  Identify what your WHY is.  Why are you willing to travel this journey?

2)  Identify 3-5 "money making activites you can do and be consistent with over a long period of time and do those things...

For example...

a) Write a blog post about it something you learned.

b) Make a 2 minute video to share what you learned.  Upload it to youtube.  Add it to your blog.

c) Post your blog post to your Facebook wall.

d) Post your blog post in Facebook Groups, on Linked in, Instagram, etc.

e) Email your blog post to your list.

This is NOT too much to do in exchange for living the life you love.  Think about that.

3.  Stay in personal development.  The day you decide it's not important, is the day things will begin to turn backward.  Its not possible to stay the 'same'.  You either move forward or go backward.

4.  Find a support group and community online or offline that are like minded with whom you can share your dreams with and mastermind.

5.  Don't compare yourself to others.  You must go your own journey with cheerleaders and mentors at your side.  Be authentic and have fun and accept that you are where you're are, just don't accept staying at that place.

6.  Stop looking around for more things to buy and distract you.  Unsubscribe from emails except for your mentors.  Stay off of the social media sites and feeling like you have to keep up with Jones on posts.  

These tips will help you with overwhelm.

See you at the top my friends...



PS:  My dream was to NEVER punch a clock or report to a boss.  My dream became a reality in 2007 when I learned how to market online.  Here's where you can get started too.  CLICK HERE

The Four F's To Success


The Four F’s

It’s the beginning of a new week, full of promises, new ideas, new opportunities and new chances!  Not sure where to start?

Start here…

So you can gain a little insight on overcoming the Four F’s this week.

The Four F’s keep us from making the changes we desire.   Manage and overcome them and you’re in the driver’s seat!


Humans crave certainty even though we know it limits us.  We fear stepping out of our known safe environment to venture into what we perceive as the abyss of uncertainty. But the abyss is a myth. It doesn’t exist! Most of us don’t like to try something new because it is uncomfortable.

When you step into the very thing you fear… The fear disappears!

You manage your fear by running towards it – because the fear you run away from chases you and may even haunt you.  Just do the things that frighten you most.  If you don’t own your fears – your fears will own you.

Know this: behind every wall of fear lies a precious treasure. Start exploring…


It’s sad to see so many people not even try because they think they’ll fail. Most don’t take the first step towards their dream.  They think it’s too risky. Hah! I think the biggest risk you ever take is NOT taking risks!

Take a small step and do it fast.  The universe rewards action!  Failure is an essential part of achieving success.  

As Michael Jordan puts it:

“There was never any fear for me, no fear of failure. If I miss a shot, so what?”


There can be no success without failure. Take your best shot!



See you over there!  

Debbie Turner


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Top Producer Formula Review


Top Producer Formula Review

Have you heard of the Top Producer Formula?  

It will be covering recruiting and selling… something people struggle a LOT with… I know.. I used to.

The Top Producer Formula is a product the industry needs.

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Talk to you soon!  I'm on vacation at the beach and loving life!

Debbie Turner

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Did You Think It Was Easy So You Quit?

I'm at the beach today on vacation and listening module 1 of a new training, Top Producer Formula, that I purchased last night.  I've adopted a principle of living my life on vacation since I only need my laptop, phone and autoresponder.  

This allows me to write, teach, share and say hi to the world and the people on my list while generating sales that keeps me in cash flow.

About module 1....All I can say is .... "yep, that's EXACTLY what people in this industry need.  They MUST understand this concept and if they don't, they will never succeed.  Period."

I think I hear you saying.... "But Debbie, you're already successful and living the life you love.  Why would you need to buy another product?"

My response: "Are you kidding me?  I'm a lifelong learner and there are people I will always learn from.  I'm always growing, gaining new ideas and concepts, expanding what's possible."

Here's the truth.  Starting a home based business is simple but it's not easy.  It's only not easy because you are in the learning phase and people want to skip this phase to get to the guru status.

But guess what?

You can't!

You have to go through it to get to it!  You have to pay your dues.  You have to put in your time.  You have to want it and decide to never quit (or just don't start)


You look at any successful business person.  Consider the home based entrepreneur who's in network marketing or an MLM or direct sales company.  They were raised from the ground up in this business.  They had to go through the "learning and grinding stage" to get comfortable with how to do things.

Consider the CEO of a corporation.  They had to start at the bottom and gain skills and knowledge at some point before they were qualified and comfortable to take on a CEO role.

Consider the mom and pop store owners.  They had to figure out what to stock, how much to stock, what turns over and what doesn't, how to display, how to market to get traffic in their store, how to create awesome customer service, how to convert sales... "how to.. how to... how to".  And they attend events in their industry and network.  

Okay, let's move away from business and take sports.

You don't play in the NFL by never having played football before.  No, you get there because it was a dream and you've played, you've practiced, you've overcome obstacles that 99% of others weren't willing to do.

You don't get to be a black belt in karate until you go through the ranks, where each rank you learn ONE set of new skills and repeating what you previously learned.  Often times it's boring... it's mundane.  But it's the foundational skills you build on...from the ground up.


You have to start at the bottom knowing nothing but having big dreams of achieving your goals in business.  And the cool thing is that the dream and visualing it and wanting it is 95% of the work.  So you only have 5% to go.

That 5% is the work, the education, the willingness to put your time in.


Stop Expecting Overnight Success

This is where you, all by yourself, have to make a decision that you want to start a home based business and are willing to invest in your time, with your money and commit to learning and implementing.

Go into it with eyes wide open that you are beginning what's called the Grinding phase of your business.

You will be learning gobs of stuff...

  •    terms and definitions
  •    writing emails
  •     using an autoresponder
  •     talking to people about your business
  •     converting sales
  •     how to blog and why you should
  •     how to use social media
  •     and the list goes on

How long it takes you to learn this is up to you.  

 Are you coming to the table with an open mind?

Are you willing and excited to learn?

How many hours a week will you commit?

Will you take action on what you learn and implement?

Are you willing to invest in your education?

I mean, c'mon guys... this is a real business.  Stop thinking that getting rich is more than just signing up and buying a product.  


It's simple because it's a matter of making up your mind to learn and implement.  I believe ANYONE can learn a new skills.  

It's not easy because of the initial grind.  People want to skip the learning curve and grind and just get to the money and when they can't have it instantly, they quit.  They 'not easy' part is staying with it, tweaking it, learning and not giving up.

Become a student.  Love the journey.  Know why you want to go through the grind.

I knew my why.  It's because if I have to work, it's going to be from the beaches of the world, while I'm on vacation, with my family and friends.

BAM!  I'm here.  I'm living it.  I'm on the porch and experiencing the ocean breeze against my skin and blowing my hair, I smell the ocean, I hear the waves, I watch the seagulls dance... and I'm mobile.

But here me loud and clear... I worked my butt off when I started.  I burned the candle at both ends.  I was a sponge learning, investing with money I didn't have.  I put in my time, rolled up my sleeves and made it happen.  

I'm staying at a home with a great porch for eating out and playing games.. it's fabulous.  I'm on the porch here writing this, then I'm going to have lunch and head out for the day on the beach.



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