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Don't Make This Mistake In Your Marketing

What mistake?  Four Words.

Not using an autoresponder.

So here's what this is about.

When I first started my internet business, I was placing ads and sending people to capture and sales pages and I'd make a little bit of money off and on.  But here's the problem with that.

I didn't have an autoresponder.

An autoresponder allows people to subscribe to YOUR email list.  Your customer list.  Your prospect list.

You are familiar with autoresponders and list building because you use these everyday from a customer standpoint.

When you are at a store checking out and the clerk asks you if you would like to be on their mailing list to receive specials, and you say yes... guess what?

They enter your name and email in their autoresponder which puts you on their mailing list.  Now, they send you stuff.  They communicate with you.  

That's all it is!

So you, as an entrepreneur building a home base business, needs to be building a list so you can follow up with people who have an interest in what you have to offer.  

You do this via your capture pages and an autoresponder where the names and emails are safely and securly held.

Learn more about autoresponders here:  http://aweber.debbieturner.com

Build your list!

Market to your list!

Develop a relationship with your list!

If you have any questions about it, fill out the contact form and lets connect.  I'll give you a hand.

Have a great day!

Debbie Turner



The Nutcracker has been a long standing tradition in our home.  In fact, my daughter Ashley danced with the Charleston Ballet Company in Charleston, South Carolina for several years as a small girl.  As such she danced in the Nutcracker for three years running....

Tonight I'm heading out with the girls in the family to go see the Nutcracker.  The Russian Ballet dancers will be part of the performance.


Happy Holidays!

Debbie Turner

PS:  I love sharing my passions and things I'm up to through blogging.  If you'd like to do that also and generate a side or primary income blogging, get your blog here:

It's All About Personal Freedom


It's All About Personal Freedom

When people ask me WHY I do what I do, it's all about personal freedom.

It's not about the money for the sake of having money, it's about what money will provide me.  

That's Personal Freedom.

When I have money, it gives me choices about being able to choose healthy organic foods...and buying a better pair of shoes for my feet... and getting medical attention I need.

It also allows me to see a need in someone else and give to that need... to feed others... to provide coats and gloves and hats and blankets to the homeless... to buy shoes for the shoeless and get medical care for those who can't.

This is personal freedom at it's best to me.

It's not about just working,for the sake of having to hold down a job.  It's about working how I want, the field I want, where I want and when I want and I control my income.  Not a boss.  I answer to nobody but myself.

That's personal freedom.

Think about your own personal freedom for a minute and if you could activate that in every area of your life, what would that look like?  What would that feel like?

This is why people want to become entrepreneurs.  It's why so many people are leaving the job market to create a business of their own, be it brick and mortar or online using a home based business model.

They seek that personal freedom.  That's why they do whatever they need to do to make that happen.

Even when you see entrepreneurs working 80 hours a week starting a brick and mortar business....

... they are doing that by CHOICE.

... they are living a DREAM.

... it's what they WANT TO DO.

That's personal freedom.

Home Based Business Entrepreneurship

There's no argument that moving from employee to employer is life changing.  The biggest change will be the internal metamorphis you as a person will go through.

Becoming a problem solver.

Becoming a leader of your life and others.

Becoming confident and taking risks of rejection.

Facing challenges with faith that you can overcome.

And always keeping the feel of personal freedom in your heart.

Home base entrepreneurship is a great place to explore and start creating personal freedom in your life.

When I ask others Why THEY want to get started in a home based business, I'm looking for the right answer.

"I want to pay off the car" is not the right answer.

Why?  Because you don't need a home based business to pay off the car.  A second job will take care of that.  And nobody will be motivated to do what it takes to be successful if the reason is to pay off the car.

When they're WHY is bigger than a job, it's the right answer.  Being passionate about firing their boss, never wanting to punch a clock, digging wells in third world countries to bring fresh water to sick communities, role modeling a new message of freedom to their children... this is the answer I'm looking for.

The cost to get started is low compared to that of a brick and mortar.  You can keep the job until you are comfortable with a steady income through your blogging and business growth.  

You can turn your passion into profits.  I'll write about that on another blog but this is where you can express your personal freedom.  

Personal freedom to share your passions, do what you love and get paid for it. Now it doesn't even feel like a job does it?  No, because you would do it for free if you had to because you just love it. 

This is what entrepreneurship is about.  Taking what you love and making money doing it.  It's a joy.  Its passionate.  It's fun.  It's personal freedom.


In either case, one needs to share their mission and purpose and get their brand out to the world.  

This is where a blog comes in.  A blog is your real estate online that tells the world what you're up to, what you stand for, what you offer, and who you are as an individual or company.

Start your personal freedom journey today......Start your blog today.  

You can get it here.  It's a click away.  

Share your passion and let the world know about your ideas, thoughts, products, stories.  Believe in yourself and if you don't yet, I'll believe in you for you.  You deserve to be passionate about your own personal freedom!

To Your Best Life...

Debbie Turner



John Assaraf (pictured above) is one of my coaches for personal development and success in business.  

You may have heard of John Assaraf...

In the last 25 years, John has grown 5 multi-million dollar companies in real estate, Internet software, brain research and life and business coaching and consulting. He’s the author of 2 New York Times best-selling books, "Having It All" and "The Answer".

John has appeared on almost every major TV program such Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360 and The Ellen Degeneres Show, and was featured in the blockbuster movie and book “The Secret” and in the special documentary “Quest for Success” with the Dali Lama and Sir Richard Branson.

- See more at http://johnassaraf.com/about

John Assaraf will often host Brain-A-Thons of which I wanted to invite you to attend.  

Most of us assume that thoughts are just thoughts, and that they don’t actually have any influence in our lives. Well, I’ve got news for you – they do!

Take a look at this brief-but-amazing presentation by neuro coach & bestselling author Mark Waldman.


He’ll show you how positive and negative thoughts are formed in the brain and the good or bad influence they have on your emotions, behaviors and success.  The great news is that you can learn to control your thoughts and emotions better than ever before. 

==> Video of how positive and negative thoughts are formed in the brain 



Mark Waldman will be one of our featured experts in the upcoming November 8th FREE LIVE Brain-A-Thon.



He’ll be sharing the latest, cutting edge research on how to reframe your negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs to positive ones to help you retain a productive success state of mind.


He’ll also show you how to release your subconscious blockages so you stop standing on the edge of your potential and take the necessary steps to achieve your best financially and in every other part of your life. 


If you haven't met Mark Waldman, here's a short video so you can get to know a little bit more about what he teaches.


If you want to attend the Brain-A-Thon, Lock in your spot now: Reserve Your Place Here 

Live abundantly,

PS:  Did you know you can cash in on your passions by blogging about what yuo love?  That's what I do.  Get your blog here and let's you blogging!


Help Getting Started In Your Home Based Business

If you're reading this article, chances are pretty high that you are seriously considering starting a home based business but are first researching whether or not help is really available.

The short answer is an astounding YES!  So let's get that out of the way.  

Having said that however, there has to be a more in depth discussion surrounding the reasoning and commitment.  If we don't have an adult conversation about those things, it doesn't matter how much help you have, you won't get the results you seek.

Here's The Help You Seek


Help getting started in your home based business is abundant.  

Not too long ago, even when I got started in my home business back in 2007, help was not abundant.  And it was costly.  

I had to attend an event somewhere for the weekend which ran upwards of $3000 plus.

I had to book airfare.

I had to book hotel.

I had meals out.

I had transporation from airport to event and back.

I had time away from family.

I had to buy the training.  What I discovered is the event sold the 'sizzle' and gave you just enough information that you realized you needed the whole enchilada.  

***  Today, you can buy a la carte products that teach the 'how to' of various components of marketing.  For example, you can buy a Facebook course.  You can buy an Instagram course.  You can buy a video course, etc.

*** Today, you can attend events for less than a couple hundred dollars and really get the inspiration, motivation and creatives that will help you as you start your home based business and stay in the game long enough to get the results you seek.

*** Today, you can join a home based business and with access to social media, you have an instant community you can plug into to exchange ideas and ask for help.

*** Today, home based businesses are often chunked in teams.  So when you join a business, the person you partner with will be a part of a larger team that will have free training.

*** Today, there are systems that you can plug into that offer you marketing training with a lead generation program.

*** Today, you can hire a coach to help you with various aspects of your business you really need a little extra help in....technical, mindset, personal development, structure, the works.

When you join Empower Network with me, you are not just joining me.  You are joining my team.  

We have daily live inspirational calls.

We have team hangouts.

We have daily action steps.

We have a facebook group.

We meet up at events.

We have systems.

We have the educational products you need to build ANY business.

Yes, there's help.

Understanding this, sets the stage for a better answer to your question of availability of help getting started in your home based business.


Help Getting Started In Your Home Based Business:  

If Your "WHY" Isn't big enough... isn't important enough... you'll quit regardless of the help available.  This is an entirely different article so for the purpose of keeping this relatively short, let's assume you have already determined your WHY and this is not an issue.  


Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Getting Started In Your Home Based Business Understanding That Help Is Available

1.  Will you spend the money to get the education?

2.  Will you go through the education and apply what you learn?

3.  Will you be willing to fail in some of the things you try in terms of marketing, talking to people and other things you need to learn along the way?  In other words, there is a learning curve.  Will you freeze and do nothing so you don't have to face failure?  Or will you embrace it and learn from it, always moving forward?

4.  Will you be whiner and complainer or celebrates challenges and new ideas?

5.  Will you quit if you don't have results in a couple days, couple weeks, couple months, couple years?  Or, will you always seek to try it a different way and stay at it UNTIL you get the results you seek?

6.  Will you dive into personal development and mindset growth to see clearly what's possible for your life and your success and learn to delete belief systems that don't serve you?  And will you stay in personal development all your life through books, audios, hanging around positive people through business and community?

When you can answer these questions the right way, you'll see that the help you're so worried about getting right now doesn't even matter.  You'll figure stuff out because you're committed to your success.  

It's amazing...

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.


This article is the third in a three part article on the three most popular questions people have before getting started in a home based business and utilitzing Empower Network for their education, personal development, and blog services.

The first question is "Is Empower Network Real?"

The second question is Can I Do This?

I believe in you.  You just need to believe in yourself and know yourself enough to know that when you set your mind to accomplish something, there's no lack of knowledge that you won't seek out to get it done.  

To Your Best Life!

If you have made a decision that you want the help you say you want and the help you do need, you can join Empower Network and get started.

Join Empower Network here.



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at: http://www.empowernetwork.com/income

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